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Pet Food & Supplies in Elmhurst

At Ruff Life in Elmhurst, we have all you could need and more to pamper and properly feed your pets. Our pet food is all natural and healthy, made without ANY wheat, corn, or by-products. With toys and accessories for your beloved cat or dog, we know that you love your animals and we want to make sure they are as healthy and happy as possible. If you're not sure what pet food your animal should have, call or message us and we can help! So come visit us in Elmhurst for pet food and supplies on which you can depend.


Monday - 10am to 5pm
Tuesday and Wednesday - 9am to 6pm
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Saturday - 10am to 4pm
Sunday - 11am to 3pm

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Dog Treats, Food, and More—Oh My!

Your pup deserves the best, whether that's food to make them healthy and strong, or durable toys so that they can play all day long. Call or message us to learn more about our healthy dog food for all breeds and sizes, quality toys and supplies, and delicious dog treats in Elmhurst at Ruff Life. So shop Ruff so that we can make you and your dog's life as easy as possible!




Cat Food for Your Feline Friend

We have the perfect supplies to spoil your cat as much as they deserve. Our food and treats are all natural and none are made in China. If your cat has a sensitive stomach or needs specialty food due to age, we have what you need. Call or contact us if you have any questions! Along with food and treats, we have well-made collars and toys for you and your pet to enjoy. So, take a paws from life and come to Ruff Life for Elmhurst cat food, treats, and everything else you might want to help pamper your kitty with quality products.

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